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Cape Fear Blackwater Deep
November 1, 2014
The nearly final version of the manuscript is out for one last critique. If I can finally let go of it, it will be back and for sale in late February.
Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the book launch and signing.

Britt's Donuts book complete
December 30, 2013
The finishing touches are about done. Just getting the files all corralled up for the final voyage to the server.

Local Author Festival
Barnes and Noble
Mayfaire Town Center, Wilmington, NC
2pm - 4pm
July 24, 2010
910 509-1880

Interview with "World Famous Author" by Steve Rondinaro on WWAY TV3 at Joyner Marina
Joyner Marina, Carolina Beach - July 17, 2009
Excellent interview with Steve Rondinaro. As always Steve asks the perfect questions and keeps me focused on the interesting stuff. WWAY has been so nice to Carolina Beach for many years and we all appreciate it. (32MB movie below)


Book SigningsBook SigningsBook Signings
WinterFaire at Carolina Beach History Center - Saturday, December 6, 11am-2pm
Chris Fonvielle, Skipper Funderburg, Esther Myles and Daniel Ray Norris will be available to sign books and chat with folks at the CB History Center. The center is located behind CB Town Hall and the festivities are hosted by The Federal Point Historical Preservation Society. That's a mouthful. But come on down and do some Christmas shopping with us and help a worthy and local society.

NC Starburst Press in the StarNews
Woooo Hooo!
Take a gander at the nice announcement that Ben Steelman wrote about us in the Sunday, StarNews - Today section. 6-22-08

Giant decal affixed to Bronco II
Lookin' sweet in the SlapDash-mobile
I had a great big sticker made of the new imprint logo. Pretty sweet huh? Southern Signs in Monkey Junction made it for me. I have to say it is pretty rockin'. I have another one but don't know what to do with it. I might just put it on Daddy's truck's tailgate.

Time Capsule
Carolina Beach Elementary School buries
Carolina Beach vol. 1 & 2

No... they don't think they are radioactive. CBES recently dug up their old time capsule. Don't we all know what a pain that is? Anyway... I was asked to come to the ceremony and sign the books. I did and brought 2 more to replace them. I hated to see the library go without. It was a nice affair with food and drinks and some interesting speakers. Zack Tilley, a student and my neighbor, was interviewed by WWAY TV3. He expounded on the value of history and why they were putting my books in the time capsule. I plan on being there in 25 years when they dig this one up.
read more about Carolina Beach Elementary School.

First book under new SlapDash imprint

Future titles (see Fonvielle) covering regional history, Civil War history and local culture will be marketed under our new imprint: NC Starburst Press. Don't worry fans. Tina, our voluptuous mermaid, will not go away. She is the permanent logo marque and guardian of mainstream SlapDash Publishing titles.

Getting Ready for Surfing!
Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast book stands
Daddy and I have "made" or "had made" 7 stands for retailing SlapDash books - specifically, Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast. They are right pretty. 3 layers of paint and antiqued so they look sort of old timey. Thanks to Carol at The Lime and the Coconut for the inspiration.

Slow Boat from China - Kraken go Away!
Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast Update
I received 5 advanced copies of SCFC and they have been ceremoniously dragged around the county. I want to sleep with it. The other couple thousand SCFC were placed aboard a ship on April 27. If all goes well - barring typhoons, icebergs or Kraken - the ship will disgourge our lovely books up in NYC near the end of May and a "lift gate equipped truck" will roll them on down to Wallace, NC. There Skipper and I will take case upon case to the eagerly waiting retailers. Daddy has made some killer, antiqued white washed book stands for retailers to display the books. Photo coming soon.

Surf's Up!
Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast
Less than a week away from sending the files to the printers. Skipper's book will likely be here for a May launch. I am excited and so is Skipper. I've also added a "Authors & Books" section to the SlapDash website. Check it out.

Congratulations Roger!
The Island Gazette celebrates their 30th Anniversary
Roger and family have been faithfully putting out the Island Gazette for over 30 years.
They are the local source for reliable news and information.
Others come and go but the Island Gazette always gets the story.
Island Gazette website.

Come on down!
Books - A - Million Book signing. February 16 - 1pm until 4pm.
I'm having a book signing at BAM Saturday, February 16 at the BAM in Wilmington. Please get out and support SlapDash Publishing by coming over for a chat and maybe buy a book or 2 or 3. I learned everything I know about these things from Jack Fryar ... the man's a genius.
If you don't come - I might do this to ya.

Thank you for your support!
A great 2007.
I'd like to personally thank everyone who purchased CB1 or CB2 this year - or any other time for that matter. We had a rocky start in early November when US Customs and other parties seemed to be out to spoil our holiday buying season. Although CB2 didn't arrive until way after Thanksgiving, we were fortunate enough to receive very good coverage by the local media. Thanks go out to the Island Gazette, WWAY TV3, Star News and WECT TV6. Your help was much appreciated. In addition, the public seemed so thrilled with the arrival of CB2, it amazed me. I couldn't believe the response. Looking forward to a successful 2008.

Local TV News - I'm in prime time baby! (almost)
WWAY TV3 - The 5 o'clock News
Wednesday, Dec 26 - 5:10pm.

Channel 3 is definitely on my nice list this Christmas. They called me today around noon and asked me to be on their news show at 5. I was (of course) willing and able. Had kind of a bad hair day because of going to the gym and having the worst "helmet head" known to man. But I had fun and the news staff was so nice to me. I TiVo'd the interview and here it is.

(Click on image above to view clip - 16 MB)

Featured on Local TV Show - Again!
WWAY TV3 - Good Morning Carolina
Wednesday, Dec 19 - 6:30am.

The folks at TV3 were very nice to interview me on their morning show. I think it sounded pretty good. The book title was stated wrong (friends and "family") but the main purpose was to promote the books. Marci did ask for a few notes on me and the book. I forgot to email that.

I think sales will perk up off the strength of the interview. (note the Britt's t-shirt)

On a side but related note: The evening before, I was in Greensboro, NC picking up a new motorcycle. I rode it home to Carolina Beach in very cold conditions. I endured rush hour through Greensboro and Raleigh plus it was an unfamiliar bike. The bike (2004 BMW K 1200 GT, orient blue) has heated handgrips and a heated seat but my heated vest was MIA when I let the cord dangle onto the exhaust. It burned it to the point where it will not work. I'll get another cord. The trip was uneventful but at about Burgaw - I thought I was going to slip into a coma from the cold! My butt was cooked (from the heated seat) and my fingers were very cold in spite of the heated grips. But I did manage to get into CB around 10pm. I would have stayed the night at mama's but I had to be on the show the next morning at 4am for the interview. What a day.

(Click on image above to view clip - 19 MB)
give it time to load (mama!)

Featured on Local TV Show
Fox26 (WECT) Carolina In the Morning
Thursday, Dec 6 - 7:10am.

(Click on image above to view clip - 18 MB)

Book Signing
Dec. 1 - Saturday - 1PM
until 4PM.
Blackhorn Restaurant
The public was invited to a book signing for Carolina Beach, NC • Friends and Neighbors Remembered, Vol. 2. Approx. 50-60 people came and had me sign their books. It was a really good time and I am thankful so many people came to show their support. Rachel Johnson from the Island Gazette was in attendance and put an article in the paper. The Blackhorn is near Britt's Doughnuts on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Talk at the FPHPS meeting
Monday - Nov. 17.
I talked about Volume 2 and gave a little slide presentation. Skipper attended and helped me wih door prizes and the introduction. Approx. 25 people attended. I brought a couple of copies of Volume 2. Rachel was there from the Island Gazette. She wrote a super nice article in this week's paper.

Wonderful Ar
ticle 11/18/07
The StarNews - Ben Steelman

Check it out
It was in the Sunday newspaper (11/18/07).
Ben's article's are always so wonderful

Unexpected Snag: Inspection by US Customs, Nov. 9
I was informed that my shipment was chosen for a inspection. This made me pretty mad. But what can you do? Now I expect the shipment to arrive sometime during the week of Nov. 12. It better. But everyone waiting for them - please hold on - they are coming.

CB 2 - Preview Copies
: October 10, 2007.
Picked up the 5 preview copies yesterday at FedEx. It was kinda crazy strapping them to my motorcycle. But I made it home. The book looks incredible. No technical problems. I am sending the approval today and my printers say that the shipment ought to be here around November 10. I can hardly wait! Time to break out the champagne.

Dummy: July 20, 2007.

My daddy and I just finished cutting out the small (1.5 inch) thumbnails of the page spreads for Volume II. I did this so I could more easily see how the contents would lay. It was actually sort of weird to see the spreads reduced to little pieces like that. I came up with an order for content and will rearrange them in InDesign soon. Everything is on schedule. I have all the content laid in. 192 pages! A fair bit bigger than Vol. 1.

Bumper Stickers: July 5, 2007.
If anyone is interested in buying a sticker reproduction of the license plate on the cover of Volume 1, please send me an
email.I just got them via FedEx. The really look great. The CB sticker is 9" wide and they are going for $4 a piece (minimum of 7) shipping is $2. I'm also working on a Britt's Donut Shop sticker. I will post more info when it is ready. These will be the first in a series of decals spotlighting extinct and extant businesses and subject matter from "Pleasure Island". They are made of high quality vinyl and are weather proof and should last over a decade outdoors.

Volume 2 • Friends & Neighbors Remembered:
July 4, 2007.
I have been furiously working on Volume 2. First the bad news... My tan and waistline have suffered a little. I am at the computer a lot. But the good news is that Volume 2 is 176 pages long and is even better than Volume 1 - if I do say so myself. The two books together make a perfect couple and I am very proud of the results. I expect to have Volume 2 back by the end of October. Stay tuned for more info.

Beach Music Festival - Carolina Beach:
June 7, 2007.
Island Tackle set up a tent to sell books. I attended and signed books up until about 5pm. It was a fairly awful day weather wise. It was cool, cloudy and started raining around 1PM. Pretty much killed off the best time. But I met a lot of nice people and got to do a little impromptu interview on 94.9FM who were there covering the festival.

Carolina in the Morning - Carolina Beach:
April 2007.

Bob Townsend interviewed me at 5:30am for Carolina in the Morning and later at 7:20am on Fox26. Everything was fine except the weather sucked. It was cold and windy. Very dreary.

Carolina Beach Chowder Cookoff:

April 21.
Beautiful weather at the lake. Signed a bunch of books.

SlapDash company truck:
April 15. A "new to me" 1986 Ford Bronco II. Put some cool graphics on it and bam! It became the official truck of SlapDash Publishing. The truck's colors match the graphics perfectly. Stylin'! Looking for bigger tires. UPDATE (10/10/07): Got it lfted and have bigger tires. Photos coming soon.

2007 NC Azalea Festival:
April 14-15. Look for me at the Azalea Festival Street Fair - Booth #137, in front of the Cotton Exchange. I'll be selling and signing books.
UPDATE: Day #1 went well. A lot of people. Day #2 - Just about Hurricane conditions. A rain-out!
They're here:

Second printing of CB1 arrived March 12th.

Sold Out • Dec. 22, 2006:
CB1 Sold out! Local retailers have snapped up the last of the books. The second printing will arrive in February/March 2007. Place your order here and receive your copy as soon as they arrive. Thank you to everyone who bought copies of this first volume.

Sarah Warlick interviewed me for WECT News at 6. My hair was PERFECT! Jim Hanchett says..."Jubilee Park, The birth of the shag, the boardwalk when it throbbed with activity, If you remember that Carolina Beach You'll get a kick out of a new book by local author, Daniel Norris." Click on the player to see the video.

UPDATE • Nov. 3, 2006:
I just received the BIG load of books on Friday. 96 CASES! 1528 books.

Book signings were Saturday, December 2nd at The Cottage Restaurant, 4pm, and at The Lime and the Coconut on Saturday, November 25.

Why did you do this?
Over the years, I have been collecting images and items as a way for me to preserve our local history. Recently, I began to think I should organize this stuff and put it into a book so the public can enjoy it. So, here it is...

People have been very receptive to the concept and I have had such a great response when gathering images and stories for the book. I would like to thank everyone that has allowed me to delve into their personal collections of memorabilia. Without this cooperation I don't think the book would be as good as it is already. Please contact me soon if you have a good photo or something else to contribute.


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