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People & Businesses

Frying Pan Tower - way out in the ocean

Harry Taylor - a damn fine photog. Damn fine I say!

Kenny Onufrock - stunning images

Rob Moody (Moodia Media) - if you need ANYTHING done with video or photography, call Rob

John Golden - talent oozes from this guy

Wendy Wilmot Properties - The Best of Bald Head Island

Jack Mackerels - Great seafood at Kure Beach

Batson Charter Boats - John can put you on the fish!

Island Gazette - Best newspaper in a 2400 mile radius

The Checkered Church - My kind of church

Town of Carolina Beach - home sweet home

Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce - Gail & Greg

Carolina Beach State Park - finest in the state

Books & Video

Robert Kinlaw
White Lake - Remembering the Nation's Safest Beach

David Lewis
Birth Right

Chris E. Fonvielle's site

Billy Beasley
The River Hideaway

Good Causes

Offshore Light Station Foundation
Help preserve the 3 remaining US Coast Guard Light Stations

Old Baldy Foundation
For maintenance and long term preservation work


Images in the archive below have been collected over the years as a way to preserve our local history.
This collection features mainly Carolina Beach but with some nearby communities represented as well.

Girl in the Moon - Boardwalk

1950s Brochure Center Spread with license tag (13 x 19)

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk - Looking North (19 x 13)

Frying Pan Light Ship (19 x 13)
(Interesting fate)

Tourist Map 1949 (19 x 13)

Boardwalk Amusement Park (19 x 13)

Feast of the Pirates - Wilmington 1920s (19 x 13)

Snow's Cut: Way back when?

A Bygone Era (13 x 19)

Carolina Beach pennant

Hotel Royal Palm (Hotel Astor) (19 x 13)


1949 Town Brochure

1950 Town Brochure

A big catch at the marina

The old drug store

Steel Fishing Pier

Unique license tag from circa 1940

OceanView Hotel

Bames Hotel

Hotel Royal Palm

Winner Pier

Kure Beach Train

Shoo Fly Train

SeaBreeze Pavilion

Carolina Beach 1911

Looking North from Lake

Lifeguards 1


Jack Davis Election Photo

Carolina Beach Town Letterhead

4 Guys on flooded 421

Living it up and having fun on the Boardwalk

Lady crabber

Remember the Hobie Cats?

View of Boardwalk from top of waterslide

Snow's Cut Marina aerial shot

Big Daddy's Restaurant

Parade girls with Pleasure Island banner

Boardwalk boards being torn up

North End Pier Aerial

WECT TV 6 Pirate Girl Logo

7-UP Ad from Azalea Festival Publication

Dance at Lumina - Wrightsville Beach

Feast of Pirates banner

Boardwalk strand - 1920s


Special thanks to the people who generously contributed to this collection.

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