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People & Businesses

Frying Pan Tower - way out in the ocean

Harry Taylor - a damn fine photog. Damn fine I say!

Kenny Onufrock - stunning images

Rob Moody (Moodia Media) - if you need ANYTHING done with video or photography, call Rob

John Golden - talent oozes from this guy

Jack Mackerels - Great seafood at Kure Beach

Batson Charter Boats - John can put you on the fish!

The Checkered Church - My kind of church

Town of Carolina Beach - home sweet home

Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce - Gail & Greg

Carolina Beach State Park - finest in the state

Books & Video

Robert Kinlaw
White Lake - Remembering the Nation's Safest Beach

David Lewis
Birth Right

Chris E. Fonvielle's site

Billy Beasley
The River Hideaway

Good Causes

Offshore Light Station Foundation
Help preserve the 3 remaining US Coast Guard Light Stations

Old Baldy Foundation
For maintenance and long term preservation work


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