Listen. It's God!
by Esther Myles

Listen. It’s God! is the inspiring account of one woman’s struggle to become a true champion of her craft without losing her soul. It is a story about winning the right way.

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196 pages, 7x10, Hard cover
ISBN: 978-1-7378230-6-3

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Esther Myles

Esther was raised in rural North Carolina without the luxuries many enjoy today but her family bestowed upon her a love that she will never forget. Unlike many children today Esther did not suffer through a broken home life, abuse, alcoholic parents, financial ruin or domestic arguments. Her formative years occurred in a loving family setting – where family values came first. Esther credits much of her success and happiness in life to this upbringing.

Life on the farm was rough and dirty work, however, and Esther, being drawn to the glamorous and beautiful side of things, was eager to see the bright lights of the big city. She made her way to New York City at seventeen and life was never the same. It took several years before she enrolled in Beauty School and once there she knew she had found her calling. She fell in love with the education, techniques, customers, variety, glamour and excitement she experienced every day in the School and her enthusiasm and talent brought her quick recognition. 

Her schooling began in one of the premier regional schools, Troutman’s College of Hairstyling in Wilmington, NC. There she was exposed to the best instructors and moral conduct of the time. After graduation Esther quickly began to find recognition and success when she took her first job as stylist for a large department store in Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina. She had done so well the first few days that she was shortly promoted to Head Stylist of the salon. Customers were soon showing up from all over the state for Esther’s special touch. 

Esther then moved to Athens, Georgia while her husband attended Veterinarian Medical College and she quickly established her credentials and reputation for working miracles with her “magic fingers” on her many customers. She continued to improve her talents and exposure by attending advanced classes, cosmetology conventions and entering competitions.

The thrill of competing and winning never grew old with Esther and she would pour all her energy and talent into every competition, both as participant and later as a coach and trainer, as she taught others the skills necessary to become champions. She later achieved regional fame as Instructor and Trainer as her students won over 200 trophies, often sweeping the top three places in competition. She then received national and international recognition after two successful trips as Trainer, with different student teams, to the International Beauty Show in New York and returning with the “World’s Supreme Student Hair Styling Contest” Championship Trophy in 1968 and then again in 1969. 

Her Guest Artist appearances brought her into contact with many “stars” of the industry such as Vidal Sasson. She also was exposed to many personalities in the entertainment/political world such as Bob Denver “Gilligan” (coloring his hair in her Raleigh salon), Priscilla Pressley (designing a hairstyle Priscilla wanted to adopt) and President Gerald Ford (sitting next to him during an awards presentation and enjoying an engaging conversation). She and her students also worked on the “Hudsucker Proxy” in Wilmington, NC, starring Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Lee and Tim Robbins. 

In 1981, Esther returned to her roots in eastern North Carolina and convinced the local community college President that he needed to open a cosmetology school as part of his curriculum. This began a new chapter in her life as she reestablished herself close to her aging parents and trained many new students while building a thriving school business for the college. She was named “Teacher of the Year”, in 1986, for Brunswick Community College under the statewide “Awards for Excellence in Teaching” program established by the State Board of Community Colleges. Then, in 1989, she received the North Carolina, “Joe Snoutherly Teacher of the Year” award from the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. 




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