The History of Beulaville, North Carolina

by James Roland Edwards

The author has collected and presented a concise and authentic history of the small town of Beulaville, North Carolina. Nearing 100 years old, Mr. Edwards is uniquely qualified to tell the story of Beulaville. His book is filled with hundreds of newspaper articles, original photos and personal stories that provide the reader with an honest and personal peek into life in and around the town he grew up in and has resided in his entire life.

First Printing December 2023
564 pp, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 978-1-7378230-9-4
Hard cover - Retail $50.00

An Alzheimer's Caregiver Alphabet and More...

by Chuck Pennington

This book is a guide for anyone who is going through a loved one’s descent into dementia caused by Alzheimer's Disease.
Twenty-six letters of the alphabet are paired with provocative art and quotes from the author, Chuck Pennington. His quotes reflect what he experienced as his beloved one descended into oblivion.The author closes the book with inspirational, sometimes humorous and often uplifting personal anecdotes about the author and his partner’s journey. Chuck wrote this book with the intention that it would inspire, soothe and ultimately provide hope to anyone affected by the same devastating illness.

First Printing April 2023
152 pp, 9 x 7
ISBN 978-1-7378230-7-0
Hard cover - Retail $40.00


Listen. It's God

by Esther Myles

The inspiring account of one woman’s struggle to become a true champion of her craft without losing her soul. It is a story about winning the right way. In this time when hope is most needed, the author shares her spiritual journey through the glamorous world of beauty as proof that you don’t need to bulldoze your way through life and leave casualties in your wake in order to succeed. The truths found in these pages will inspire and empower you on your own journey to an abundant life, whatever your dream may be.

First Printing April 2023
196 pp, 7 x 10
ISBN 978-1-7378230-6-3
Hard cover - Retail $28.00

The Complete Story of Topsey the Blind Sea Turtle

by Nancy Land McCurtin

An endearing tale of a sea turtle named Topsey, who is completely blind. Follow him and his friends, some of whom have different sorts of handicaps, in this beautifully illustrated story as they face severe challenges and work together to lead a very happy life. Oh! Do you like mermaids? There are four beautiful mermaids in this book and they help Topsey and his friends in their adventures on Clay Island and Topsail Island. See how they deal with a hurricane, giant oil spill, brushes with humans and other mishaps. Do you know how many hatchlings are in a turtle nest? Join the adventures with Topsey and his friends.

First Printing May 2023
206 pp, 7.5 x 9.25
ISBN 978-1-7378230-8-7
Hard cover - Retail (TBD)


More Curious Tales from Old Wilmington
and the Lower Cape Fear

by Chris E. Fonvielle Jr.

In More Curious Tales From Old Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear: The Truth Behind the Legends, Chris E. Fonvielle Jr., Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at UNC Wilmington, explores four more famous urban legends with the skills of a professional historian, and reveals his own supernatural encounter. The stories have been told for many years, but what is the truth behind them? Find out in More Curious Tales.

First Printing January 2023
108 pp, 7 x 10
ISBN 978-1-7378230-2-5
Paperback - Retail $24.95

Wallace, N.C.
Home, Sweet Home

by Mary Anne Russ

Wallace, North Carolina has a history as rich as its soil. It was built on the backs of farmers and railway-men, mothers, merchants and scholars. It flourished from the spirit, wisdom and generosity of its citizens. This book recalls the past and offers a walk down memory lane. The author has presented photos, articles and stories collected from people who lived this history. She recalls a time when our townspeople never needed to set foot in a big-box store, because less was more. If Rockfish Plaza didn’t have it, A.C. Hall Hardware would. Children were free to make their own entertainment and if it bothered anyone, Chief Whitaker or their parents would find out about it. People were on their best behavior because familiar faces were everywhere. Let us remember such a time.

First Printing July 2021, 586 pp, 7.5 x 10
ISBN 978-0-9984115-7-6
Hard cover -
Retail $43.95


Just Throw a Rock...and Run
A Son of the South Talks Race

by Gary E. Trawick

An introspective and brutally honest look at race relations in the Southern United States. Judge Gary E. Trawick vividly illustrates what it was like living through the creation and implementation of the Civil Rights Act in North Carolina. Judge Trawick shares how he came to grips with misplaced hate, endemic racism and toxic culture. He challenges the reader to find the courage to forgive and love their fellow man and he provides insights on how to find solace in a world that is becoming increasingly polarized.
One of Judge Trawick’s philosophies as a lawyer was: “You cannot practice law scared,” meaning you cannot be effective as a trial lawyer if you are afraid to take on the unpopular cases or what members of the public are going to think of you if you do. This philosophy is carried forward in this book, Just Throw a Rock...and Run, in which he tackles the sensitive issue of race in our community and in our country.

First Printing August 2022, 338 pp, 7 x 10
ISBN 978-1-7378230-5-6
Paperback - Retail $21.95


Reflections of a Massacre and a Coup

by Bertha Boykin Todd

In Reflections on a Massacre and a Coup, Bertha Boykin Todd shares how a group of citizens in Wilmington, North Carolina came together to create the centennial commemoration of the 1898 Massacre, eventually forming the 1898 Centennial Commission (now the 1898 Memorial Foundation). Todd recounts how it all came to be, including the creation of 1898 Memorial Park in 2008.

First Printing October 2022
168 pp, 11" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-1-7378230-1-8
Hardcover - Retail $40.00




DARE to Dream
The Revitalization of Downtown Wilmington, NC

by Gene Merritt

Gene Merritt wrote a series of articles for the Wilmington Star News on the history of the revitalization movement in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Those articles ran from December 9, 2018, to February 20, 2020. According to Star News management, the series was well-received and well read. DARE to Dream is a reflection on those articles with additional material that expands many of the articles.

First Printing May 2022
72 pp, 11" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-1-7378230-3-2
Paperback - Retail $25.00

Curious Tales from Old Wilmington
and the Lower Cape Fear

by Chris E. Fonvielle Jr.

In Curious Tales from Old Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear: The Truth Behind the Legends, Chris E. Fonvielle Jr., Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at UNC Wilmington, explores five famous urban legends with the skills of a professional historian. The stories have been told and retold for many years, in one case more than 200 years, but what is the truth behind them? What really happened and what do the legends reveal?

First Printing January 2021
108 pp, 7 x 10
ISBN 978-0-9984115-
Paperback - Retail $22.95





A Century of Service:
History of the Stamp Defiance Chapter
National Society Daughters of the
American Revolution 1921-2021

by Ann Hewlett Hutteman

This history is dedicated to the more than 1,000 members who have joined the Stamp Defiance Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and have contributed their time and talent to the countless activities and projects that have made the Stamp Defiance Chapter, NSDAR, a shining example of service to the goals of the National Society – Education, Patriotism and Historic Preservation.

First Printing September 2021
78 pp, 7 x 10
ISBN 978-0-9984115-9-0

Building a Legacy of Friendship and Service for Seventy Years
The Wilmington, North Carolina Chapter of
The Links, Incorporated™

Copyright © 2021 The Wilmington, North Carolina Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

What began as the spark of an idea among a few seasoned members of the Wilmington, NC Chapter of The Links, Incorporated culminates in this historical compilation of our organization’s contributions in southeastern North Carolina. Formed five years after the national organization’s founding in 1946, the Wilmington chapter celebrates its 70th anniversary of “friendship and service” in 2021.

First Printing December 2021
290 pp, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 978-1-7378230-0-1
Hard cover


Brunswick County in the Great War
Preserving the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range and the Legacies of the Men and Women Who Served

by Amy Eckard, Dr. Norma Eckard, Ronald Eckard

This book is the culmination of more than 9 years of research by Dr. Norma Eckard, her daughter Amy, and husband Ronald. These stories were collected and curated from local families and individuals who still carry the memories of war. Their project began as an effort to preserve the history of the recently recognized 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range, but it grew to also serve as a tribute to the soldiers and nurses who each had a connection to Fort Caswell. This book documents the sacrifices and triumphs that occur while serving their country during a time of war. Many of these stories have never been in print.

First Printing September 2020, 584 pp, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 978-0-9984115-6-9
Hard cover and paperback
Retail $


Glory at Wilmington
The Battle of Forks Road

by Chris E. Fonvielle Jr.

Elements of Union and Confederate armies fought the Battle of Forks Road, February 20-21, 1865, for possession of Wilmington, North Carolina, the South’s main seaport and most important city. Southern soldiers, commanded by Maj. Gen. Robert F. Hoke, made one last stand in an effort to halt the Union army’s determined advance. United States Colored Troops, commanded by Brig. Gen. Charles J. Paine, were the principal combatants for the Union in the Battle of Forks Road. The victors would control Wilmington, the Cape Fear River, and three railroads, all crucial to final military operations in North Carolina during the Civil War.

First printing March 2020, 82 pp, 9 x 6
ISBN 978-0-9984115-4-5
Paperback - Retail $16.95

Cape Fear Ferry Tales

by Larry Modlin

Cape Fear Ferry Tales, takes the reader on a leisurely journey of discovery down and back up the Cape Fear River. In this book, Larry Modlin shares stories from his life growing up in Eastern North Carolina and what he discovers working as a deckhand aboard the ferry M/V Southport. It colorfully illustrates how he came to understand that there is more to living than just going with the flow. His book is a love letter to the passengers, crew and vessels that changed the way he looks at the world.

First printing March 2018, 100 pp, 10 x 7
ISBN 978-0-9984115-2-1
Paperback - Retail $12.95


Topsey the Blind Sea Turtle

by Nancy McCurtin

An endearing tale of a sea turtle named Topsey. Follow him and his friends in this beautifully illustrated story as they face severe disadvantages and work together to lead a very happy life.

First printing March 2018, 72 pp, 8 x 7
ISBN 978-0-9984115-3-8
Hard cover - Retail $19.99

Replaced by: The Complete Story of Topsey the Blind Sea Turtle

A History of Hartley Loudspeakers
by Richard Schmetterer

A boy who grew up in a household filled with music, Richard found his passion and life’s work by following in his father’s footsteps in the
business of hand making superlative loudspeakers.

Robert Schmetterer brought Hartley and Turner’s unique craftsmanship and attention to detail to America when he purchased the company in 1953. The superior sound that Hartley and Turner pioneered is preserved by Richard in every Hartley Loudspeaker that he makes today.

“I wrote this book to take you on a journey thru time - thru most of the 20th century and beyond. Follow the evolution of our hand-made audio
products. I hope you enjoy the many adventures I was privileged to have been part of.” Richard

First printing January 2017, 168 pp, 11 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-9-0
Hard cover - Retail $75.00


The Battle of Dak-To - Steadfast and Loyal

by Robert Quinn

This book will take the reader to the front line of one of the most pivotal battles of the Vietnam War. Told from author and soldier Robert Quinn’s perspective, The Battle of Dak-To pulls no punches in conveying the story of a battle that was fought not only in the jungles of Vietnam but also in the hearts and minds of American civillians at home. The author’s first hand accounts of the bravery, skill and resiliance of his fellow soldiers are colorfully and honestly woven into the book’s gripping narrative.

First printing March 2017, 226 pp, 10 x 7
ISBN 978-0-9984115-0-7

Retail $


The Sheltering Abyss - Beyond Cape Fear

by Daniel Ray Norris

The sequel to Cape Fear Blackwater Deep.

The survivor of a bitter and tumultuous relationship, Cameron Nivens settles into life on his family blueberry farm in Bladen County, North Carolina. But a relentless figure from his past catches up with him. Confronted with the most difficult decision in his life, he takes matters into his own hands and finds a pathway towards forgiveness.

Follow Cameron and crew as they navigate a newly constructed high-tech power catamaran, the Pallas Athena, out of Thunder Bay, Canada. Bad weather, injury, repairs and maritime law impede their best efforts at reaching their ultimate destination.
An old love gives him his greatest gift.
A new love gives him a reason to live.
Cameron's life will never be the same as he makes his way - Beyond Cape Fear and into The Sheltering Abyss.

June 2016, 477 pp, 6 x 9 (Fiction)
ISBN - 978-0-9984115-1-4
Paperback $12.95
Digital $4.99


Cape Fear – Blackwater Deep

by Daniel Ray Norris

A thriller set along the Cape Fear. "Southeastern North Carolina is a beautiful and interesting place to live... But sometimes, it can be more than you bargained for." He didn't see it coming. A series of events are set in motion the day Cameron Nivens helps a friend hang a few bird houses. He soon finds himself entangled in a relationship that spirals out of control. Nothing could have prepared him for the wild ride his life was about to take. Seemingly innocent decisions wreak havoc with his almost perfect world and ultimately put him on a collision course with crazy. Wilmington, Bald Head Island, Southport, Orton Plantation, White Lake, Fayetteville and Frying Pan Tower are all scenic backdrops for an exhilirating adventure that will take you up and down the Cape Fear River and have you gasping for more.

February 2015, 388 pp, 6 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-7-6
Paperback $12.95


Britt's Donuts – Forever Sweet

by Daniel Ray Norris and Halyn Prusa

Britt’s Donuts - Forever Sweet traces the humble origins and growth of this most beloved family business. Behind the scenes donut making secrets are finally revealed! Never before published photos illustrate its history and interviews with current and past employees showcase the enduring impact that Britt’s Donuts has had on people’s lives. You will never forget the first time you eat a hot, delicious Britt’s donut. The taste lingers on your tongue and in your mind and will likely become a memory that is... Forever Sweet.

First printing March 2014, 136 pp, 8.25 x 7.75
ISBN 978-0-9834175-3-8
Hard cover - Retail $19.95



The Reluctant Hermit of Fort Fisher

by Fred Pickler and Daniel Ray Norris

The authors reveal what might have caused Robert E. Harrill to make his life among the marshes of Fort Fisher – forcing him to endure the divergent and independent lifestyle of a hermit. What circumstances could drive a man to seek such “isolation”? Did the Hermit ever find solace? Did he succeed in chasing his demons away? Includes an updated analysis on the circumstances surrounding the death of the Fort Fisher Hermit.

First printing August 2014, 160 pp, 11 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-5-2
Hard cover - Retail $29.95



To Forge a Thunderbolt
Fort Anderson and the Battle for Wilmington

by Chris E. Fonvielle Jr.

Fort Anderson was the largest interior fortification guarding Wilmington, NC, the Confederacy's most important city by late 1864. Beginning in March 1862, Confederate engineers built massive earthen batteries mounting large seacoast cannons at Brunswick Point, the site of the colonial port town of Brunswick, located halfway between Wilmington and the mouth of the river. In February 1865, Union forces advanced on Wilmington by way of Fort Anderson. General Grant had ordered them to capture the city in order to assist General Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign.

First printing January 2015, 208 pp, 9 x 11
ISBN 978-0-9834175-0-7
Hardcover with dust jacket - Retail $39.95



Handel With Care

A Pictorial Biography of the Great Composer

by Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.

Handel With Care relates the life of George Frideric Handel from his birth in Germany 1685 to his death in London, his adopted city, in 1759.

First printing April 2014, 270 pp, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 978-0-9834175-4-5
Hardcover - Retail $69.95

Local Flavor - Cookbook

Federal Point Historic Preservation Society

Editors: Rebecca Taylor, Darlene Bright, Cheri McNeill, Daniel Ray Norris

A culinary history guide to Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Fort Fisher, Seabreeze, Masonboro & Myrtle Grove.

First printing June 2014, 288 pp, 9 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-6-9
Paperback, spiral bound - Retail $21.95


Southport's Art Newton

by Thomas J. Harrelson

The man, his art and local history are all told through the eyes of a Southport native son. Art Newton’s paintings and sketches are beautifully presented and paired with insightful commentary and details gleaned from archives and collections that span three decades of his work. The artist’s personal trials and growth as a creative spirit are integral to the story – a colorful story of times gone by, simple pleasures and the Southport of yesterday.

First printing December 2013, 172 pp, 11 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-2-1
Hard cover - Retail $49.95


Faces of Fort Fisher

by Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.

This book examines the early history of the fort, from its construction beginning in 1861 until the eve of it being attacked by Union forces at Christmas 1864. It looks at the officers who planned, designed and commanded the works, and the soldiers who built, garrisoned and defended them. First in a series of three volumes.

First printing December 2013, 160 pp, 9 x 11
ISBN 978-0-9792431-9-6
Hard cover - Retail $39.95
NC Starburst Press, an imprint of SlapDash Publishing, LLC



Fort Fisher 1865
The Photographs of T.H. O'Sullivan

by Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.

The definitive guide to Fort Fisher. Fonvielle's narrative brings to life each of the photographs taken by T.H. O'Sullivan in the months following the Civil War.
Available in paperback and limited edition leather bound editions.

First printing April 2011, 128 pp, 11 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9792431-8-9
Paperback or Limited Edition leather - Retail $29.95 and $100.00, plus S&H
NC Starburst Press, an imprint of SlapDash Publishing, LLC



Cape Fear River Indians

by Phillip D. Garwood

Cape Fear River Indians tells a story that has not yet been told: that of a diverse group of Native American men and women lived along the Cape Fear River for over 12,000 years.

First printing February 2013, 88 pp, 5 x 9
ISBN 978-0-9834175-1-4
Made possible by a grant from International Paper


Sampan Blockade

by William C. Warwick, Jr.

The author details one of many dangerous missions he undertook during the Korean War. Details of his bravery in the icy waters off North Korea and Vladivostock, Russia make a gripping read.

First printing November 2010, 220 pp, 6.5 x 9.25, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9792431-7-2

Retail $
14.95, plus S&H

Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast

by Joseph "Skipper" Funderburg

Skipper's book captures the spirit and history of surfing at Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, North Carolina in a colorful, engaging and unique way.

First printing June 2008, 148 pp, 9 x 12, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-2-7

Retail $29.95, plus S&H


Louis Froelich
Arms Maker to the Confederacy

by John W. McAden, Jr. and Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.

"An interesting, well researched, and accurate account of the life and times of Louis Froelich and his genius as an entrepreneurial Confederate industrialist."

First printing August 2008
96 pp, 11 x 9, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-4-1

Cloth or Limited Edition leather
Retail $49.95 and $100.00, plus S&H
NC Starburst Press, an imprint of SlapDash Publishing, LLC


The Making of a Champion

by Esther Myles

The inspiring story of a young woman's struggle to become a true champion of her craft - for her family, for her daughter, for herself. "Nize" rewards readers with insights into the world of international hair styling competitions and is a nostalgic trip back in time.

First printing July 2008, 180 pp, 8.5 x 8.5, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-3-4

Retail $25.00, plus S&H

Carolina Beach, NC
Friends & Neighbors Remembered, Volume 2

by Daniel Ray Norris

The follow-up to Daniel's wildly popular Volume 1, "Friends & Neighbors Remembered" is full of everything retro and cool that is Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Fort Fisher and Seabreeze.

First printing November 2007, 192 pp, 9 x 12, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-1-0

Retail $29.95, plus S&H


Carolina Beach, NC
Images & Icons of a Bygone Era, Volume 1

by Daniel Ray Norris

Filled with rare and unpublished photographs of the historic landmarks, people and places that make Carolina Beach such a culturally rich and unique community.

First printing November 2006, 148 pp, 9 x 12, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-0-3
Retail $29.95, plus S&H


Moving Forward Together
A Community Remembers 1898

Edited by Rhonda Bellamy

A Publication of the 1898 Memorial Foundation. This book is a companion to the 1898 Memorial Park in Wilmington, NC.

First printing November 2008, 128 pp, 11 x 8.5, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-5-8

wb photo

Wrightsville Beach
Beaches of North Carolina

by Jim Edwards

The first volume in a series of photographic journeys of NC beaches.

First printing August 2009, 120 pp, 11 x 11, hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9792431-6-5

Retail $29.95, plus S&H

enemy book

My Friend the Enemy

Edited by Darlene Bright and Leslie Bright
Forward by Ray Flowers

The battle at Fort Fisher as recalled by Colonel Lamb, CSA & General Curtis, USA.

First printing November 2006, 74 pp, 8.5 x 11, booklet
Retail $
10.00, plus S&H


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